Czech driver entitled to German minimum wage after winning case with union support

February 22, 2018 - 11:10

A Czech driver was being paid less than German minimum wage for work in Germany. He has now won his legal fight for fair treatment and received €10 000. That’s a massive victory for Fair Transport on the roads!

Jiří Gabrhel was employed by a Czech subcontractor, but mainly carrying out Deutsche Post deliveries in Germany. Now Deutsche Post is having topay him the extra wages he should ave been receiving. It’s and interesting precedent, which implies that major delivery companies cannot just blame their subcontractors when drivers suffer abuse.

Above all, this case shows that logistics workers can demand their rights and win. Unions played a big part in this positive step. ETF-affiliate ver.di, the German trade union confederation DGB, and their project Faire Mobilität all supported the driver in this situation.

These articles have more information about the case.

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