Belgium: Road blocks

On 10 January, the Transport Committee of the European Parliament has a crucial vote about the EU Mobility Package. These deliberations will have a major impact on bus and truck drivers’ work and rest schedule, on their wages and on the safety of all road users in Europe. Trade unions across Europe take actions this week to guarantee safety and fair working conditions for millions of EU citizens.

Belgian trade unions BTB/UBT and ACV Transcom organised border actions and reached thousands of road users and bus and truck drivers with leaflets exposing the issues at stake relating to the upcoming European Parliament vote. Total traffic blocks, slow-down of traffic flow and parking area actions were organised in Meer, on the access roads to the E17 motorway connecting Antwerp and Rotterdam, in Rekkem on E17 motorway linking Belgium to France, and in parking areas in Zonhoven and in Maasmechelen. MEPs Kathleen van Brempt and Agnes Jongerius joined the action to show their support.