Belgium: Road transport workers gather in Brussels to demand a better Mobility Package

Today, 3 December 2018, road transport workers from all over Europe held a demonstration for Fair Transport in front of the European Council, where transport ministers were meeting to discuss the EU Mobility Package.

We all know how full of abuse and exploitation the road sector is. And the latest proposals on the Mobility Package would mean even longer working hours and less rest. This would create a grave risk for road safety and drivers’ health and well being. So the European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) took to the street alongside road transport workers and their unions to safeguard workers’ rights and to promote Fair Transport on European roads.

The demonstration had the power to influence transport ministers’ decision. They reached a new agreement on the Mobility Package that was better than we expected. This is the proof that when workers from all Europe join their forces they can achieve their goal for a Fair Transport sector! However, even though there are some positive changes in the latest draft, the Mobility Package is still far from being acceptable to workers. But we are on the right way to fight for a better Mobility Package which will improve the working and living conditions of millions of bus, coach and truck drivers who move passengers and freight across Europe.