Denmark: Demonstration for Fair Transport and international solidarity against abuse of workers

In November and December 2018, Denmark was the scene of a scandal about Philippine drivers working for 2 EURO per hour on Danish road and living and sleeping in a slum camp located in the small southern Danish border town Padborg. That was one of the reasons why 200 people on 4 December went to a manifestation in Copenaghen for fair transport and international solidarity against abuse of transport workers during the ITUC congress in Copenhagen. Another reason was a hard dispute between the Danish state own train company, DSB and the Danish train drivers about rights and fair working conditions. A lot of speakers were invited. Both workers, the ITUC General secretary, Sharan Burrow and the ITF President Paddy Crumlin.

50 torches were lit to celebrate fair transport. And to emphasize the messages from the transport workers:

“Social dumping is a monster with 1000 faces. With different hair style. And different eye colors. But the monster speaks with one tongue in all available languages. The monster has lines out one single path. A neo liberal path, which some call the free market. And which we have named: The race to the bottom for workers and citizens. This monster must be defeated. The downgrading spiral must be stopped. With all means. From Padborg in Denmark, to Buenos Aires and South America. From Manila, East Asia and the Pacific. To Lagos and Cape Town in Africa. From Europe to the US and North America. No one deserves to live in a slum camp. No one should be working in a sweat shop. No one deserves to work as underpaid drivers, underpaid textile workers or underpaid cleaning assistants for an unscrupulous industry.”