Denmark: Drivers Rally for Fair Transport and a fair mobility package

On 22 and 23 September in Kolding, 200 Danish bus and lorry drivers gathered for a rally to demand Fair Transport and Nordic wages for drivers working in Denmark and other Nordic countries.

The drivers and the rally discussed how to influence the ongoing discussions about new rules for bus and lorry drivers and new rules for competition in the EU. And that the recent examples of social dumping and wage dumping shows that the transport sector needs strict guidance. Some of the best arguments are to be found in the report: “Byways in Danish Transport” made by Danish transport union, 3F Transport and the Danish Hauliers in DTL together with Bulgarian and Romanian unions FTTUB and SLT. The report shows that Bulgarian, Romanian and Macedonian drivers who work in Denmark are working for less than one third of normal Danish wages, live in their lorries for average periods of at least seven weeks in a row. And that they are frequently put under pressure to break the rules.

We stand behind politicians, who stand behind us. And work for a solid, fast and fair solution and a strong Mobility Package before the European Election. Fair Transport is good for all of us. And it is deeply needed for Bulgarian, Romanian and Danish drivers…and for the decent hauliers who try to compete on fair and equal conditions, treating their bus and lorry drivers with respect.