Denmark: Rally for 900 Danish bus drivers

On 18 November in Odense 926 Danish bus drivers gathered for a huge rally. Their aim: To wake up Danish politicians in order to secure realistic timetables and real breaks for the drivers in Danish public transport.

The rally was followed up by a series of local meetings. Danish drivers, transport workers and passengers also sent thousands of Christmas cards to Danish politicians demanding real breaks, better working conditions and fair public transport – both for passengers and transport workers in Denmark.

“I must be able to work for many more years. So. I have to take care of myself. Many of us are taking medication, because we are seated in our buses for hours. But often, we are not able to go to the toilet. Our breaks disappear in bad planning and impossible timetables!” a bus drivers declared.

In fact, the rally and the Christmas cards are part of a long term campaign. Internationally known as “The right to flush” or “World toilet day” campaign led by the ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation). But in Denmark this is also part of the Fair Transport Europe campaign, fighting for a fair transport policy framework and a decent policy on outsourcing of public bus services.