European unions demand Fair Transport for Turkish DHL workers

Meeting in Budapest to plan the next stage of the Fair Transport Europe Campaign, representatives of trade unions across Europe insisted that DHL must stick to its promises and recognise unions everywhere. That’s Fair Transport.

DHL Express Turkey is locked in a long dispute with workers in the union TÜMTIS. The courts have legally recognised TÜMTIS as the official representative union at DHL Express Turkey. DHL has made a global promise to recognise unions everywhere. But DHL Express Turkey is delaying negotiations with TÜMTIS, while intimidating and sacking union members. TÜMTIS was left no choice but to strike – leading to over 300 days (and counting) on the picket line.

The ETF launched a global action day in support of TÜMTIS’ struggle, and the Fair Transport meeting in Budapest sent their solidarity. Read more about the DHL dispute and action day: