Norwegian Seafarers’ Union takes action to defend maritime jobs

As a contribution to our Fair Transport Europe campaign, the Norwegian Seafarers’ Union has sent us a remarkable set of pictures which highlight the work undertaken by maritime inspectors, shop stewards and workers to defend jobs and to improve the working conditions on board of maritime vessels.

Ship visit by one of Norwegian Seafarers’ Union inspectors. Gunnar Amland visiting the crew on board NIS registered Viking Princess, Eidesvik in Aberdeen harbour.

On board Color Line passenger ships. Shop stewards Ronny Øksnes and Erina Bryn Kjær are visiting NSU members and giving them the latest news regarding the victory saving over 700 jobs. The Government was ready to let Color Line flag NIS, but the Union fought back and won a victory saving all the jobs.

Crew from Color Line in Sandefjord and Larvik taking action outside Sandefjord Town Hall before an important meeting with the Presidency regarding a decision about letting the Color Viking continue to sail from Sandefjord, or if it would be replaced with different flag vessel with lower wages.  160 jobs at Color Line were in danger. The Precidency decided to let the Color Line ferry Color Viking continue its sailing from Sandefjord and 160 jobs were saved!

A ship visit on board Normand Vision by Kim Velve – main shop steward in Solstad Offshore, one of the largest offshore supply companies in the world with 141 vessels.