On 4 October 2018, Railway workers and their unions had a pan-European action day where workers and union activists mobilised to keep skilled staff on our trains. “You’re Welcome” was the slogan of the action day, echoing the million helpful encounters that European train staff have with their passengers every day. ETF affiliates from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Luxemburg, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK contributed to the Fair Transport campaign by explaining to commuters and the general public the varied and vital tasks that railway staff are responsible for.

In Luxembourg, FNCTTFEL and Syprolux handed out leaflets that called for on-board staff to stay on the train, in order to maintain the level of safety and security for passengers. They were distributed in train stations in the early morning to show commuters just how varied and important railway staff’s tasks are. The activists highlighted their collaboration with the police in preventing violence, aggression and anti-social behaviour on trains.