Ryanair workers converge on Dublin to issue historic charter

4 Jul

Ryanair workers make a bold step in their ongoing struggle for better pay and decent working conditions. Both cabin and ground crew from Ryanair bases across Europe met in Dublin for the first ever Ryanair Crew Summit. At this historic occasion, they have launched a Ryanair Crew Charter outlining the changes the company must make […]


European unions demand Fair Transport for Turkish DHL workers

8 Jun

Meeting in Budapest to plan the next stage of the Fair Transport Europe Campaign, representatives of trade unions across Europe insisted that DHL must stick to its promises and recognise unions everywhere. That’s Fair Transport. DHL Express Turkey is locked in a long dispute with workers in the union TÜMTIS. The courts have legally recognised TÜMTIS […]


Drivers descend on European Parliament to demand fair Mobility Package

29 May

The ETF and its affiliates are running a long-term political campaign for a fair Mobility Package. This package of EU reforms could totally change working life for drivers in Europe. On 29 May 500 drivers and union activists from six countries met in front of the European Parliament in Strasbourg to urge MEPs not to […]


Sweden: Kommunal in 19 towns to warn about rest time for drivers

26 Apr

There is a real risk that the EU’s proposed Mobility Package will significantly reduce rest time for international divers, including in bus and coach services. Many organisations agree that this is a real risk for road safety. As part of the campaign to get a Mobility Package that works for drivers, unions in four countries […]


Belgium: FGTB-ABVV Action Day against Social Dumping

23 Mar

BTB-UBT, the transport wing of Belgium’s socialist union confederation FGTB-ABVV, made Fair Transport a focus of their annual action day against social dumping. In a series protest and parking visits, the union demanded better conditions for drivers and an end to exploitation and social dumping in the road sector. Speaking to l’Avenir, BTB-UBT deputy federal […]


Belgium: Dutch FNV bring solidarity to BTB-UBT protest against Deliveroo’s dodgy practices

27 Jan

Food delivery service Deliveroo wants to force its riders to become self-employed, and lose the benefits of employed workers. The hyperflexible and precarious nature of gig economy jobs, especially those that are managed through smartphone apps, makes organisation difficult for the workers. But an action in Belgium shows how ETF-affiliated unions are supporting Deliveroo riders […]