Belgian Court’s decision is a victory for Ryanair workers across Europe

June 14, 2019 - 05:27


After eight years of legal struggle it is Belgian labour law which needs to be applied to the six aircrew members of Ryanair.

The Court judged that they have jurisdiction over those legal cases and that Belgium labour law applies, if it is more favourable to the workers than Irish law.

The Court reopened the proceedings so that the amount of supplementary payments by Ryanair to the concerned workers on e.g. wages, holiday pay, payment for food and cleaning of uniforms can be fixed.

This is a victory not only for Ryanair cabin crew and not only for cabin crews based in Belgium but for aircrews throughout Europe, as this judgement took its way through the European Court of Justice, which in 2017 decided that disputes over a cabin crew member’s contract of employment fall within the jurisdiction of the courts of the country from which they carry out their duties – not those of a country such as Ireland which the airline might choose to suit its own interests.

This is a call to all colleagues in Europe to ensure that their national social legislation is applied.

After the collective struggles last year which resulted only two weeks ago in the first memorandum of understanding on wages signed between CNE-LBC and Ryanair another form of trade union action – legal action – brought today another victory in the fight against social dumping against Ryanair.