BTB presents new black book on social dumping

March 22, 2019 - 14:04

Continuing their tradition of denouncing abuses in the European transport sector, Belgian trade union BTB released its fourth black book on social dumping. For this new project, a research team went to investigate Slovakian transport companies with Belgian roots. They documented an alarming situation where some Belgian hauliers continue to outsource their activities to Slovakia. This practice contradicts the declarations made by the employers’ federations, which condemn social dumping.

The book demonstrates that there are still countless letterbox companies in Europe. Letterbox companies allow bosses to hire workers under the standards of countries with weaker wages, inspections and working conditions. Then they send them all over Europe to work. That means poverty pay and confusing contracts. A whole industry of lawyers and consultants has sprung up to help businesses evade fair rules and regulations.

This project reinforces our call for more inspections in the sector, followed if necessary by criminal proceedings and heavy penalties.

You can consult their black book here.