Filipino drivers abused in Denmark: social dumping and wage exploitation goes global

October 30, 2018 - 11:26

Shocking new revelations from Denmark show how wage exploitation and social dumping undermine European jobs and hurt workers everywhere. An investigation by the Danish union 3F discovered 200 Filipino drivers brought to Denmark on Polish contracts and then forced to live in slum conditions near Padborg, earning wages far below Danish norms.

The use of non-EU drivers on European roads is far from new, but the problem is growing. In early 2018, countries such as Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia and Spain have already granted work permits to 108000 drivers from outside the EU. These drivers are being exploited by companies like Kurt Beier in Padborg, but the company’s only response to questions is “no comment.”

Importing migrant workers just to exploit them is not Fair Transport. It’s time for national and European leaders to act on this abuse and social dumping, so that we can defend European jobs and guarantee decent conditions to all workers in Europe.