Justice for DHL workers in Turkey

July 24, 2018 - 09:04

The campaign for Fair Transport has scored a new victory. After months of dispute, DHL Express Turkey is finally willing to enter into negotiations with the workers’ representatives of the TÜMTIS union.

In September 2017, DP-DHL made a global promise to recognise unions everywhere. But despite the fact that Turkish courts recognised TÜMTIS as the official representative of Turkish DHL workers, the company management kept dragging its feet. Facing intimidation and dismissal of its union members, TÜMTIS was left no choice but to strike. To support Turkish DHL workers, the ETF then launched a day of action in June, which brought together workers and unions from all over the world to put pressure on the company.

Now that the road to a collective labour agreement is open, ETF President Frank Moreels praises the effectiveness of concerted union action: “this is justice for the workers at DHL Express in Turkey, and shows what can be achieved by workers acting globally in solidarity with each other.”

TÜMTİS President Kenan Öztürk expresses his sincere appreciation for the global display of solidarity: “the support we received from the around the world gave us the strength to carry on and win justice for our members at DHL. Thank you to everyone who supported us.”