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The budget airline’s messy agreement to recognise unions, followed by a summer of strikes, has created one of the big transport stories during our Fair Transport campaign. The ETF has been working to give Ryanair employees a collective voice since 2005, when we set out proposals based on ILO conventions and EU fundamental rights for workers. Since 2017 we have been fighting alongside the International Transport Workers Federation through our joint platform Cabin Crew United, which is a core part of our Fair Transport campaign.



The Mobility Package is a major revision of the EU legislation applicable to road transport, which could transform professional drivers’ lives and have a huge impact on road safety for everyone. Since the launch of the Package in May 2018 the ETF has been engaged in a multi-faceted political campaign. Our mission is to fight for a fair, safe EU Mobility Package for professional drivers and road users alike.



The Fair Shipping Campaign is an integral part of the Fair Transport Campaign. It strives for the creation of a European maritime space without social dumping, where fair employment conditions for all crew would apply.



Lashing is the operation which secures cargo on board a ship. This is a hard and hazardous task, and one that should only be done by qualified dockers. The ETF/ITF European lashing campaign links together national campaigns run by our affiliates. Our goal is to ensure that lashing is done in a safe manner by qualified dockers in all European ports.



“You’re Welcome” was the slogan of a pan-European action to defend the role of onboard staff in rail transport. The slogan echoes the million helpful encounters that European train staff have with their passengers every day. ETF affiliates from all over Europe contributed to the Fair Transport campaign by explaining to commuters and the general public the many tasks that railway staff are responsible for. Our goal was show how vital these workers are for safety and security, especially for vulnerable passengers, and build support for our campaign to save these jobs.



The aim of the campaign Stronger Together is to raise awareness of gender-based violence in transport, and help unions and employers develop better policies to address the issue at company level. Our practical toolkit guides union activists through concrete steps they can take in their own workplaces.



The river cruise industry is booming, but is also the site of shocking exploitation: low wages, excessive working hours, unpaid overtime and appalling working or living conditions on-board. The ETF demands a fair, safe and equal job for everyone working in the European river cruise sector. Workers deserve more and should not settle for the current situation.



Our Rights Your Safety is a joint campaign from the ETF and the Air Traffic Controllers’ European Union Coordination (ATEUC). We are opposing the European Commission in its plans to limit the right to strike in air traffic management.



The ETF and ITF have committed to campaign to improve the wages, working conditions and labour rights of all fishers irrespective of where they come from or what type of boat that they work on.