Television covers Camping Europe, BTB-UBT action for fair road transport

July 6, 2018 - 10:38

Belgian transport workers’ union BTB-UBT displayed its creative approach to campaigning with a simultaneous action in Brussels and Strasbourg. The actions coincided with the important vote in the European Parliament on the EU Mobility Package. The outcome of the vote was proof positive that months of concerted union effort can bring results at the heart of European policy-making.

In face of public pressure, the majority of MEPs outright rejected the harsh proposals concerning the pay for posted workers; driving and rest time; and deliveries within another EU state (cabotage). Now, everything goes back to the Transport Committee and drafting has to begin again.

The eye-catching theme of BTB-UBT’s action near Brussels was “Camping Europe”. On the site of a rest area of the E40 highway, transport workers set up camp to protest against a shocking proposal that would have allowed truck drivers to take even their longer rest in the cramped cabins of their vehicles. For now, the nightmare scenario seems averted, but even under current rules, social dumping and wage discrimination are rife on the European motorways. So the struggle for Fair Transport goes on, no doubt strengthened by the encouraging outcome of the Strasbourg vote.